Interview Guidelines

If you have landed here, it means you have received a technical interview invite from our team.

Please read the following interview guidelines carefully:

  1. All interviews will take place over Zoom and will require you to download the desktop application beforehand.
  2. It is necessary to attend the interview from a laptop or a PC with audio and video conferencing capabilities. In the absence of either, the individual will be disqualified and not allowed to proceed to the following interview rounds. 
  3. Please ensure you have a stable internet connection to attend the video call. It’s better to keep a backup internet line handy. Something like a data network from another cellular provider can help. Individuals not clearing our network connection check (verbal) will not be allowed to proceed to the interview. 
  4. There is no dress code for the interview, however, please expect to keep your video on for the duration of the technical interview. 
  5. Please expect a wait time before it's your turn as there will be multiple interviews taking place simultaneously.
  6. Please join the Zoom call on time, as we have multiple interviews and would not be able to accommodate folks who are not present at the allotted time. 
  7. Students will be informed about the Technical Interview outcome within 5 days of the interview by email.

Interview Tips

Questions: This is a technical interview where anything can be discussed related to web development, computer security, operating system, data structure software architecture, and system design principle. You are not expected to answer every question so don’t worry if you miss a few.

Duration: Interview duration is generally from 15 to 30 mins. The short interview doesn’t necessarily mean you did badly. So better to answer questions to the point so you will get more questions and therefore more opportunities to present your knowledge.

Virtual Interview Flow

We use Zoom’s breakout room feature so in a single call, you will be able to move between “virtual” rooms as depicted in the following diagram.

Alt Image